One Step Deeper

One Step Deeper (Episode 25): Why Anger Is A Reaction, Not An Emotion (A Feelings Barometer)

May 17, 2021

Best friends and cohosts Jimmy Moore and Brittany Davis take you deeper down the rabbit hole of conversation on mindset, belief, and living life than you’ve ever heard before on a podcast.⁣⁣⁣
In Episode 25 of One Step Deeper, Jimmy and Brittany (WELCOME BACK!) discuss a topic you're probably not gonna hear about anywhere else--anger is NOT an emotion! Despite what Pixar's hit 2015 film "Inside Out" says about Anger, it's actually something that comes out in reaction to other emotions and feelings. Jimmy and Brittany dig deep into this topic outlining the many reasons why people turn to anger when they are upset, disappointed, or frustrated, some personal stories from both of them about how this has manifested in their own lives, and how to best deal with the feelings of anger when they start to arise. This is REALLY good stuff, so be sure to watch the entire episode!

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